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Multi-Point Inspection = Auto T.L.C.

It’s a fact of life and as constant as gravity.

Whether you drive yourself to the mailbox or take the truck out “mudding” in the country, your vehicle and its parts will eventually get worn down over time.

Additionally, issues with your vehicle rarely come on any set schedule, they just happen.

Dust in the air, accidentally hitting the random pothole in the road, or heavy braking activity from your daily highway commute all have an effect on a vehicle’s performance.

That’s why we offer multi-point vehicle inspections. Think of it like “tender loving care” for your vehicle.

What’s better than having our well trained and experienced service technicians providing key insight to help us stay ahead of potential costly repairs? Their wealth of experience can tell you that even though you may have 3000 miles to go before your next air filter replacement – they’ve found a clog that’s causing debris buildup in the engine. Easy fix now, costly fix later!

Our technicians dig deep and are extremely effective at determining the root cause of a particular issue. A multi-point inspection also allows them to see what it might look like if a repair or replacement service is put off. For example, remember that curb you hit two months ago that bent your tie rod end? Probably not, but our techs trained eye easily hones in on the damage and can assess long term effects if not repaired.

The multi-point inspection is a great way to inspect for the unexpected. Through this service, we partner with you to take out little problems before they become big problems. Better still, it’s all part of the service and care that you deserve when you stop in and see us, each and every day.

Posted August 3rd, 2015

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