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A Little Act of Kindness goes a Long Way

June 7th, 2016 may have begun like any other day for Iraq War Veteran, Mitch Olsen, but it certainly didn’t end like one.

Mitch had one major issue that just had to be resolved and if prolonged, could’ve risked the security of him and his family, had it not been for the selfless generosity of Hwy 10 Minnoco owner, Jerry Charmoli – a NAPA AutoCare member – and his staff.

Mitch had 4 bald tires. Not only were they bald, one was flat and the others had steel cords coming out of them. Mechanic Bob Shaw of Hwy 10 Minnoco, out of Coon Rapids, Minnesota said that all tires were beyond repair and “downright dangerous to drive on”. With only $32 in his pocket, Mitch was faced with a dilemma – which tire could he afford to replace first?

Supporting his 2 kids and a wife and being between jobs, Mitch didn’t have extra money at the time to be able to repair all of them at once. In an interview with Fox Channel 9, Mitch said that all he could do was apply what he had to one tire.

That’s when Jerry Charmoli and his team came to the rescue!

Jerry was able to find 3 gently used tires that happened to be available in their shop. After talking it over with his team, they banded together and provided the tires to Mitch at no additional cost.

“It’s the least we could do for him for everything he has done for us,” stated Jim Lang, Service Manager at Hwy 10.

Words could not express Mitch’s reaction to their kind act.

“I just broke down and started crying,” Mitch said. “It was amazing, and I don’t know how many times I can say ‘Thank You’ to Jerry and his team and have it be enough!”

Jerry added, “I know what it’s like for the veterans coming back and you have to take care of them. That’s what it is all about!”

Mitch continued: “I’ve never had a company treat me that well in my entire life. Jerry’s NAPA AutoCare Center at HWY 10 Minnoco are truly my heroes!”

Congratulations to Hwy 10 Minnoco for stepping up and making such an awesome impact for our veterans.

Posted July 14th, 2016

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