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Why People Hesitate to Get Their Vehicle Serviced

160 million vehicles in the United States are not serviced when it is needed. A recent report stated that 80% of vehicles on the road have one or more service repair that is not being taken care of! While some of these are just minor neglected items, others are serious safety concerns-for the driver and for others around them!

So why do people hesitate to take care of recommended car services? There are many reasons that people hesitate to take care of even the simplest task that our automotive advisor recommends, like an oil change.

Car care comfort plays a big role in these decisions. If customers are not confident that they are making the right decision, they will hold off. People who don't know much about cars often hesitate to ask questions because they don't want to look ignorant.

People need to understand that their technician wants to answer questions. He wants to help understand the recommendation and why it needs to be done. Just like going to the doctor or a financial advisor, technicians are specialists in their field.

That brings us to the next issue. People say that they don't always know if they really need a service or if they are just being sold something. This issue speaks to trust. Does this person trusty their service center and service advisor? Many times trust takes time and experience. But using the manufacturers time-line for maintenance can also help to build trust.

In other words, "don't take it from me, take it from your owner's manual".

The last issue is a big one: Money. Often the concern is the cost of having a vehicle serviced. On the list of places people want their money to go, auto maintenance typically isn't at the top.

This is why we work hard to make sure all AutoCare centers diagnose the problem and fix it right the first time. That is why AutoCare centers have the best reputation in the business! If customers are not satisfied, they will not come back and will also tell others that an auto shop is not providing a good value.

When there is a real budget concern, service centers should work with customers to prioritize the needs that can be done and come up with a plan for taking care of the most important issues!

Posted July 17th, 2014

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