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Passion Drives Quality

Ever find yourself surfing through channel after channel on the TV looking for something to watch? You think to yourself: “I’ve got 300+ channels at my fingertips, so why is it so hard to find something worth watching?”

I’ve been there more than I care to admit, and I’m sure you have been too!

On top of that - certain networks produce shows with different names but very similar themes. You know what I mean. Think about all the real estate and home property flipping shows on HGTV or “culinary challenge” related shows on the Food Network, ABC, Bravo, E!, and more.

Unless they are already “pre-designated” favorites of mine, I normally pass on most of these shows without a second thought.

One type that I never pass up on are those that take a struggling business and change it around to be profitable again.

It’s amazing to me how my finger suddenly stops clicking the scroll button when these types of shows are on. But why? I thought about it and found that it’s because I want to know how these local businesses have gone from “thriving” in their communities to “striving” to survive; sometimes this change occurs over just a few years.

For example: one episode featured a well-established Italian restaurant that changed hands fairly recently; perhaps a year ago. The previous owners were an Italian couple that used old family recipes and fresh ingredients to make their pasta and sauces from scratch. They enjoyed stellar reviews for decades.

The new owners took a different approach. The cooks followed the same recipes, but were required to use bagged salads, canned sauces and vegetables, frozen meat, and boxed pasta. Needless to say, there was a night and day difference between the before and after dining experience. It didn’t take long for their online reviews to reflect the decline.

Same chefs – same recipes. Poor ingredients. No passion!

Only when businesses realize that it takes a daily commitment to be the best at what they do – will they achieve success.

The moral of the story is that the same outcome can befall on any company, product or service when there is a lack of drive. In some cases, whether it’s regarding the preparation of food or the installation of car parts: a deficiency in quality can actually be life threatening.

That’s why NAPA AutoCare Centers understand the importance of executing upon our commitment to deliver quality repair servicing, using quality NAPA parts, each and every day! We are passionate about your vehicle’s performance and your safety. That’s why we put so much effort into everything we do and that your vehicle is only serviced by the most educated, and qualified techs.

Our passion is also in our parts. NAPA Parts deliver superior performance that you expect - right out of the box - and over the long haul. We only produce parts that meet or exceed the original manufacturer specifications, so they fit and function exactly as they should.

With that level of passion day in and day out, from NAPA AutoCare Centers coast to coast, we stand proudly behind our parts and our repairs. If you ever find yourself “surfing” from repair shop to repair shop. Visit a NAPA AutoCare Center where you’ll always see passion at work and leave with a quality repair!

Posted April 21st, 2016

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