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An Ounce of Prevention = A Pound of Cure Pt.2

Few things are more annoying than something happening that could have been easily prevented. Sound familiar? Here are three things that can happen to your vehicle that you can, and should, avoid.

Check Your Tires Regularly
First, let’s talk about your tires. Tire problems, like a flat tire, usually come with a lot of hassle or expense and rarely occur in convenient locations like your service center. There is usually a hassle or cost involved with taking care of a flat tire and failing a safety inspection because of worn tires is a bother. Get in the habit of checking your tires every month. Make sure they have the proper air pressure and look for excess or unusual wear. Rotating your tires on schedule and a routine alignment check will extend tire life. Of course, you always want to replace your tires before they become worn to that point that they are unsafe.

Check the Battery Every Three Years
Next up is your battery. Simply knowing how old it is can help you avoid being inconvenienced by a dead battery. Most batteries last about four years – after that, your battery is living on borrowed time. Many experts recommend that you replace your battery every five years as a routine maintenance item rather than waiting for it to fail. If you think your battery is older than three years, ask us to check it and gauge its health.

Deal with That Chipped Windshield
Finally, let's talk about those little rock chips in your windshield. When the chip is small, it can be repaired and stabilized. If left unattended, the little chip can start to crack. When the crack is in the driver’s line of sight, it could impair vision. Some cracks can lead to a ticket or a failed safety inspection. That inexpensive rock chip repair looks pretty good compared to the cost and hassle of replacing a windshield.

NAPA Is Your Trusted Partner
We are your partner in keeping your overall cost of vehicle ownership as low as possible. We specialize in that ounce of prevention that eliminates a corresponding pound of cure. Ask your Service Advisor about a vehicle inspection.

Posted November 17th, 2016

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